How Urgent Is Your Car Repair?

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When you come back with a mechanic report that says you need an expensive auto repair, you're probably left wondering whether it's something you need to take care of right away or something you can put off. These questions will help you figure out where your repair need lies.

How Severe Is the Problem?

Figuring out how bad the problem actually is will be your first step. For example, you find out that a part is not working correctly. But is the issue small, or is it large? Are your tires a bit worn, or are they barely hanging on?

One way to tell is through the maintenance schedules. Say you come back with a bad timing belt. Your manufacturer says to replace the timing belt every 100,000 miles, but you haven't done it for 150,000. That is one indication that the problem is fairly severe. But another measure is simply how much the repair need has affected the car's performance. Your car parts may wear much quicker or slower than the predicted average.

Is the Car Safe to Drive?

If your car is no longer safe to drive, that would make the repair urgent. If the car isn't drivable, that's one thing. But a car that will have unreliable handling or potentially break down on a highway will put your life in jeopardy if you continue to drive it.

Could the Problem Affect Other Car Parts?

Another urgent repair is one that could potentially blow out more expensive car parts. A simple oil change or filter change is affordable compared to an oil leak. Replacement of smaller engine parts may keep the engine running correctly so that you don't have to replace a major part later. Ask your mechanic what could happen if you choose to walk away and continue driving the car. That way, you can compare the risks versus the burden of financing a car repair you can't afford right now. It's better to spend $100 now than $1000 in three months.

What Does Your Mechanic Say?

Your mechanic can give you more specific advice on whether the repair is a nice-to-have or a need-to-have, and how long you have to fix it. They might also be able to suggest some more affordable repairs to try before pulling out the big guns. If you feel like getting a second opinion, that never hurts; with the advice of a highly reputed auto shop, you can quickly tell how urgent that repair is.

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13 July 2017

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