Should You Switch To Semi-Metallic Pads For Your Pickup Truck?

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Light-duty pickup trucks are quickly becoming some of the most common vehicles on the road, and they're similar to any other passenger vehicle in many ways. However, "light duty" is a broad categorization. This grouping can include everything from half-ton pickups used primarily as grocery-getters to larger commercial vans and trucks used by contractors and other tradespeople.

Since pickup trucks are becoming more commonplace as daily drivers, manufacturers must make certain trade-offs for driveability and comfort. As a result, the factory equipment on some trucks may not be suitable for certain applications, such as heavy hauling or towing. Brake pads are one such component where you may want to consider an upgrade for certain use cases.

What Does Your Truck Have Now?

Most modern brake pads fall into three groups: organic, semi-metallic, or ceramic. Organic pads are typically the cheaper option, and they may come as a stock option on your truck if it's a smaller model with a base trim level. However, many trucks come with ceramic pads direct from the factory. These pads are quieter, create little dust, and provide superior stopping power.

Ceramic pads are an excellent option, but they're also a trade-off compared to semi-metallic pads. Semi-metallic pads typically provide more stopping power than ceramic pads while also being better at heat dissipation. As a result, semi-metallic pads tend to work better in heavy braking applications since these scenarios result in high heat levels.

However, since many pickup trucks don't see these heavier-duty applications, manufacturers often choose ceramic pads to provide good performance while offering quieter and easier braking. If your truck currently uses ceramic pads, there are a few reasons you may want to consider switching to a semi-metallic option when it's time for new brakes.

Why Should You Consider Switching?

It's important to understand that semi-metallic pads aren't necessarily an upgrade from ceramic pads. Both options provide good performance under differing circumstances, and switching to semi-metallic pads can result in noisier brakes and a harsher brake feel. Still, these pads offer several advantages worth considering.

For example, semi-metallic pads will provide the best braking performance across various temperature conditions. Their excellent heat rejection properties also allow them to dissipate braking heat quickly. This characteristic improves braking performance and protects the rest of your braking system by preventing heat transfer to your rotors, caliper, brake fluid, and so on.

These advantages may not outweigh the potential downsides if you rarely use your truck under extreme or difficult circumstances. However, semi-metallic pads can be a good option if you frequently haul heavy loads, tow large trailers, or travel down steep grades. In these cases, switching to semi-metallic pads can improve braking performance and safety.

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29 September 2022

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