3 Reasons To Replace The Tires On Your Car Or Truck


No matter what the brand or type of tire you have on your car or truck, the time will come when they need to be replaced. Tires are not designed to last forever and depending on the way they are used, the wear on the tire can happen faster than you think. It is important to check them regularly and replace them with new tires when they are showing signs of wear. 

Worn Tread

One of the most common reasons to replace the tires on your car or truck is tread wear. Over time, the rubber wears off the tires, and the tread gets thinner and thinner. If you let it go too long, it can actually wear through to the steel belts below the tread, creating a very unsafe condition. A tire that has steel belts showing is going to fail at some point. You might be able to drive it some, but eventually, the tire will blow out or you will find your car with a flat tire. If you notice belts showing on a tire, take the care into the tire shop and have them replaced as soon as possible. 

Sidewall Damage

Another common issue with tires is damage to the sidewall. Often the sidewalls get scuffed if you get too close to a curb or another object that is tall enough to reach the side of the tire. Minor scuffs on the sidewall are not really a problem, but if you have a habit of getting too close to things, eventually the sidewall can be ripped or torn and the tire will go flat. Obstacles or debris in the road can also bounce up and hit the sidewall of the tire, causing damage. Taking a minute to look at the tires when you fill your car with gas is a good way to catch the damage early. If there is a rip or chunk missing from the sidewall, the tire should be replaced. 

Punctures To The Tread

When you are dealing with a puncture in the tread of a tire, there is a rule of thumb that you can use to determine whether the tire can be fixed or not. Divide the tread in four quarters, starting at the edge and ending on the opposite edge of the tire. If the puncture is in either outer quarter or on the sidewall of the tire, the hole should not be plugged. In the area between the inside and outside quarters (especially the center section of the tire) a puncture can typically be plugged. If you are not sure it is safe to plug, check with your local tire shop. They will be able to tell you right away and if it is not fixable, the tire should be replaced with a new one right away. 


10 September 2018

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